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Selvazama, creación de impacto positivo

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After the great success of Aldea Zamá, the base urban district for the development and orderly growth of Tulum, Zamá Desarrollos ventures into the creation of a visionary project for the future of the region.

Top Properties - Selva Zama

In the midst of the heyday of Quintana Roo beaches, Selvazama's commitment is not so much a tourism position as to take advantage of the opportunity to create a community. With this new proposal, Zamá Desarrollos seeks to refresh the offer of large housing and hotel complexes, rescuing a vision of values, human connection and educational centers to create a new urban district.

“In its deep commitment to inspire personal growth, stimulate human connection and support responsible economic development, Selvazama is a vision rooted in the place and based on a deep knowledge of the heritage and resources of Tulum”, highlights Zamá Desarrollos.

This nucleus of houses will include a diversity of options for the inhabitants, which will focus on amenities and educational proposals. "What we seek is to meet the needs of those people interested in living in Tulum, mainly creative people, who have a lot to contribute," says the company.

In planning the project, Zamá Desarrollos identified that the important thing was to find the spaces and elements that would detonate the interconnection between the community, although with the help of nature and the beauty of the place, but also adding technology and trends from the 21st century. For the precursors of this project, it is about achieving a headquarters with multiple centers and uses, where the attraction is traveling, exploring, and discovering those moments of interest in all its extension.

In this sense, the developers analyze the use of resources in the area, mainly in a sustainable way (vegetation, materials, water, energy, recycling).

Local integration

Selvazama is based on three principles to achieve its objectives: creativity, well-being, and education. Human connection and community are foundations for a good life; therefore, it will be a place that prioritizes interactivity among the inhabitants, bringing people, fostering collective effort, as well as learning and celebration.

Top Properties - Selva Zama

As a space for coexistence, it will be away from the noise of the city or the road. Nature itself contributes to isolating the environment, and for residents to find perspective and concentration not only for relaxation, but also to live their lives within this project.

One of the main ideas is to integrate local communities, adding their local and pre-Hispanic culture about their knowledge to live with the environment, as a way to enrich and expand the core of the community. The tours are planned to give priority to bicycles and pedestrians, while cars will rest in large parking lots.

"Zamá Desarrollos seeks to refresh the offer of large housing and hotel complexes, rescuing a vision of values, human connection, and educational centers"

Green School: Sustainable School

An unexpected protagonist will have his headquarters inside Selvazama. This is Green School Tulum, a bet that would be the main bastion of values ​​and education around the community.

The objective is to reflect the natural elements of the region that nurture the balance of this beautiful, magical and unique place in the world. Green School is a project of educational entrepreneurs John and Cynthia Hardy, who opened the first center of its kind in 2008, in Bali.

Selva Zama - Puente

The headquarters will have a program that ranges from basic to upper secondary education based on learning related to sustainability, with the aim of generating the next generation of environmental leaders, regardless of the career or specialization they choose.

Therefore, Selvazama does not only seek to impact tourism, but also those who intend to be part of a community that over time will become an agent of change for the country's beaches and destinations.

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