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Why is everyone Fascinated with Tulum?

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The same story, different destiny. Every year since Instagram came into our lives, we have the feeling that everyone has agreed to travel to the same destination on vacation.

Ahau Tulum

This year it seems that it was Tulum's turn and we wanted to find out why. After browsing a bit, we are not surprised that our entire timeline is fascinated with this destination. These landscapes are not found anywhere.

In case you are a little lost, Tulum is located in an ancient Mayan city in the state of Quintana Roo, southeast of Mexico, and many consider it the most beautiful place in the country.

The main attraction is the imposing Mayan ruins, which are located on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea, creating a magical contrast that is etched on the retina forever. Under the cliff is the Paraíso beach, one of the best in the entire Riviera Maya, where the turquoise blue of the sea merges with the fine white sand.

Ruinas Mayas - Tulum

The other great temptation is the imposing cenotes. Some of the most seductive in the world are found in the area and admiring them from outside, from within, or swimming in them is the dream of any nature lover. Just 4 km away is the Gran Cenote, one of the most spectacular.

Cenotes - Tulum

In addition, in recent years, especially during this 2107 many celebrities have dropped by there. On its beaches, they have walked from Paris Hilton to Naomi Watts, through the Kardashian clan, Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne, or Demi Moore.

Tulum Beach Naked

It has also been the paradise of influencers, who have decorated their timeline with beautiful postcards with the sea in the background. Right on the beach, in Tulum, are some of the most dazzling luxury hotels.

Eco-tourism is the latest trend to reach this coast and has one of the most captivating hotels in the area.

Casa Malca de Pablo Escobar

What was once one of Pablo Escobar's residences has now become a fabulous hotel where you can practice yoga on the sand. Casa Malca is an Eden for lovers of this discipline who have become hooked on Narcos.

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